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Testimonials from Courses and Retreats

Cesare Saguato Mindful Therapy Eight Week Mindfulness Course Graduates

"This course is brilliant!"


"This course has helped me develop the skills to not follow my thoughts or to react with aversion to the associated emotions."

"I found the mindfulness course truly inspiring. Cesare delivered a fantastic training with an informative yet very personal and individual feel. It has changed the way I live my life. Every moment feels more sacred and my mind feels calmer."

"I loved the open group discussions and the rapport I had with the group as a whole."

"The mindfulness course has allowed me to create more nourishing relationships in my life."

"I have learned how to connect my mind with my body and this has helped me release tension in problem areas."

"The mindfulness course has given me a strength to be kind to myself - to allow myself some breathing space which has enabled me to be of benefit to others."

"Cesare is amazing, not only during each session, but in between sessions too when I have had need to make sense of what has come up for me."

"This has been an incredible healing experience."

"Thank you, thankyou for a wonderful Retreat this weekend!! It was a really life-affirming Retreat Cesare... incredibly skilfully planned and managed and a wonderfully rich experience of Mindfulness and all that it has to offer us."

"If you ever had any doubts about attending a Retreat, I can recommend Cesare’s with no reservation whatsoever. His skilful teaching and gentle approach will give you a wonderful opportunity to connect with Mindfulness in a deeper and wider space."


Testimonials from Workshops and Taster Days


"Very informative and useful."

"Mind opening, joyful experience."

“I could have listened to Cesare all day!!”

"This is a fantastic additional activity for our service."

"Really enjoyable, practical and usable techniques for both self and clients."

"Feel treated today - time out for me! Slow pace great in this target driven business world."


“Cesare’s mindfulness session stood out for me. Relevant as we’re all suffering from general and work related anxiety”

"Your session was fantastic and the response we received from it was incredible. You were rated with all “very good” or “excellent”. It really does mean so much that you helped us make this event a success and helped provide the insight, positivity and hope that so many in the industry needed."

Clients from Public, Private and Third Sectors

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