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Mindfulness Tasters, Workshops and bespoke Training Courses for the Modern Workplace










Staff well-being is inseparable from providing a good service to clients, patients or students, whether that be within corporate services, health and social care or education, for example. Investing in staff-wellbeing also recognises the humanity of staff and helps support the  flourishing of human qualities that benefits individuals, the team and those the work serves.

Over the years I have gained invaluable experience working with organisations and staff in the private, public and third sectors from schools, local government, the NHS and businesses, and take pride in paying attention to and tailoring what I offer to the needs of my clients by way of collaborative discussion and consultation. However, if you are looking for more of an off the shelf delivery, I also have training and experience in delivering a number of Mindfulness Based Interventions of various length and depth. Please see below for a number of options and what approaches will suit your staff's and organisation's current needs best. As well as some testimonials and a selection of past clients. But first a little more about the benefits of mindfulness...

Mindfulness is a proven way to help individuals and groups make a shift in their perspective and develop attitudes and qualities that support:

  • A greater sense of well-being

  • More focus, resilience and creativity

  • Better decision making and innovation 

  • Ability to accept and work with change

  • Improved listening and communication

  • Increased empathy and compassion

  • Healthier, stronger teams and relationships


Although I am most passionate about working with whole staffing bodies over time, to help transform and integrate mental health awareness and mindfulness practice within the work culture, I provide a number of options below, including short mindfulness taster sessions, longer workshops or multi-session courses that can all be tailored to specific needs and requirements.

Corporate mindfulness training courses
Mindfullness workplace illustration

Mindfulness Taster Sessions

Mindfulness tasters can be a great way to get of a sense of mindfulness, the theory, practice and how it can help your staff and organisation. The length of a taster session is usually quite short, perhaps around one and a half hours but the length and content can be tailored to the particular need or area you would like it to address and focus on, following a free consultation.

To book in a preliminary discussion about me running a Mindfulness Taster session for your staff and organisation please see my contact details and/or the contact form here. I look forward to speaking with you.

Mindfulness Workshops

Mindfulness Workshops are usually a little longer, perhaps a day or a half-day, allowing participants to become more familiar with the theory and and practice of mindfulness with more time for experiential learning, pair and group work. Like everything I offer these workshops can be more general or based around a particular theme that suit the current needs of staff and your organisation, which we can explore during an initial free consultation together.

To book in a preliminary discussion about me running a Mindfulness Taster session for your staff and organisation please see my contact details and/or the contact form here. I look forward to speaking with you.

Mindfulness Courses


Offering staff and your organisation a mindfulness course over a number of weeks is the best way to embed the benefits within their experience and the workplace. Usually a course is delivered over 8 weeks, with the group meeting with me once a week during that time for between 90 or 120 minutes. In between sessions participants do their own home practice, supported by guided mindfulness audio tracks, supplementary worksheets and other information that helps expand on the theme explored in that week's session, as well as contact with me in between sessions as needs be. Each session and consequently the mindfulness practices that are introduced during the sessions, all build upon each other, so typically mindfulness courses aren't drop-ins but a journey a set number of participants go on from week one through to week eight.

There are a number of options and approaches that can be taken delivering a mindfulness course, including content, emphasis, timings and durations, and so like everything I offer they can be tailored to your specific staff and organisation's needs following a free consultation.

To book in a preliminary discussion about me running a Mindfulness Course for your staff and organisation, please see my contact details and/or the contact form here. I look forward to speaking with you.

Meditation in the workplace illustration

Ongoing Support and Further Training to help Deepen and Maintain the Benefits


Training in mindfulness and bringing out its many qualities plus integrating them into our experience, life and work is something that is ongoing and can continue to develop. Often people find great benefit from completing an 8 week course, for example, but then can find it difficult to continue to maintain the practice and utilise the benefits in an ongoing way when left to their own devices.  This is why I have developed a package of aftercare and continuing support for staff and organisations who have completed mindfulness courses with me which include:

  • Running a regular drop in session for course completers to help provide a space to practice together and touch base with key themes

  • Encouraging staff and supporting them in arranging their own drop in sessions where course completers make time out of their day to come together and do a short practice  and then reflect on that together and how they can use what they have learnt in their life and work

  • Refresher workshops, focusing on key themes from the course and providing an opportunity for group practice

  • Refresher half-days or days, where staff come together in more of a retreat environment and are guided through the practices they are familiar with from the course in silence and tranquillity.

  • Offering the Mindfulness Based Compassionate Living Course, which is a follow on from the foundational mindfulness courses and focuses more explicitly on the qualities of kindness and compassion for self and other, the qualities that bind us all together and allow us to see change, possibility and transformation within and without, where previously our perspective may have been more narrow and felt stuck. 

  • Drawing on my training and experience in mental health, as a psychotherapeutic counsellor, clinical supervisor and mindfulness and compassion teacher, offering wellbeing consultation, developing and delivering other supplementary programmes that can help benefit the staff and the organisation in an embedded and ongoing way. 

Testimonials from Workshops and Taster Days


"Very informative and useful."

"Mind opening, joyful experience."

“I could have listened to Cesare all day!!”

"This is a fantastic additional activity for our service."

"Really enjoyable, practical and usable techniques for both self and clients."

"Feel treated today - time out for me! Slow pace great in this target driven business world."


“Cesare’s mindfulness session stood out for me. Relevant as we’re all suffering from general and work related anxiety”

"Your session was fantastic and the response we received from it was incredible. You were rated with all “very good” or “excellent”. It really does mean so much that you helped us make this event a success and helped provide the insight, positivity and hope that so many in the industry needed."

Testimonials from courses and retreats

"This course is brilliant!"


"This course has helped me develop the skills to not follow my thoughts or to react with aversion to the associated emotions."

"I found the mindfulness course truly inspiring. Cesare delivered a fantastic training with an informative yet very personal and individual feel. It has changed the way I live my life. Every moment feels more sacred and my mind feels calmer."

"I loved the open group discussions and the rapport I had with the group as a whole."

"The mindfulness course has allowed me to create more nourishing relationships in my life."

"I have learned how to connect my mind with my body and this has helped me release tension in problem areas."

"The mindfulness course has given me a strength to be kind to myself - to allow myself some breathing space which has enabled me to be of benefit to others."

"Cesare is amazing, not only during each session, but in between sessions too when I have had need to make sense of what has come up for me."

"This has been an incredible healing experience."

"Thank you, thankyou for a wonderful Retreat this weekend!! It was a really life-affirming Retreat Cesare... incredibly skilfully planned and managed and a wonderfully rich experience of Mindfulness and all that it has to offer us."

"If you ever had any doubts about attending a Retreat, I can recommend Cesare’s with no reservation whatsoever. His skilful teaching and gentle approach will give you a wonderful opportunity to connect with Mindfulness in a deeper and wider space."

A selection of past clients

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